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Mother's Day Weekend in 90 Seconds

Updated: May 7, 2022

May 7th, 1995. With family surrounding our Mother, Minnie Lake passed and GreenTV born. This 90-second video is why Betsy Rosenberg and team offer hope for Mother's of Earth and her inhabitants every day.

And now, a few words from Co-Founder Betsy Rosenberg;

Thank you for your interest in the biggest challenge facing humanity. You are most likely aware of our planetary pickle and know at least one of our co-founders; Jon Lake or Betsy Rosenberg., officially launched on Earth Day 2022 and is a new information, inspiration, and interactive media platform dedicated to making our planet and people healthier and happier. Being part of the solution feels good and is a great way to reduce eco-anxiety!

We view GreenTV as a communications bridge that connects our viewers to the best and brightest eco-solutionaries leading the way in our transition to a cleaner, greener environment and a more just, equitable, and engaged society. Scientists can only do so much and while mainstream media may have ended their “climate silence”, corporate news networks are only devoting a paltry 1.2% of overall coverage to reporting on the climate crisis (How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2021- Media Matters For America). And while climate is the great exacerbator – making other ecological challenges worse – there is an entire web of ecosystems facing collapse. These other issues; extinction, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, and more, are routinely overlooked by broadcast and cable news outlets.

The co-founders of GreenTV are passionate about addressing this green gap in news, believing it to be a key missing piece. Betsy is an award-winning broadcast journalist (CBS Radio) who blazed a trail by creating a green beat in broadcasting to help raise awareness and motivate the greater public to take positive planetary action EVERY day!, not just during Earth Week. Jon had the early vision to create the world’s first website. He comes from four generations in the automotive business and from an early age taught himself to convert cars into electric vehicles in the State of Delaware, where he grew up near Joe Biden’s family and has continued the friendship. He has dedicated himself to assisting with an efficient transition to clean transportation.

Between them, Betsy and Jon have a combined 50 years of expertise bringing eco-solutions to the public, clearly way ahead of their time! They’ve joined forces to pour their vast experience, connections, and visions into this new initiative and are joined by a dedicated team of eco-savvy associates. GreenTV is not only for environmentalists – we’re building this timely platform for “all those who eat, drink, or breathe.” If that’s you, please join us on this hopeful journey, one that aims to alter our dark trajectory into a much brighter future! Please check us out at and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We would also be grateful for any donations allowing us to begin live-streaming and expanding our content. Thank you in advance!

Happy Mother's Day Mom and Mother's everywhere.

Jonathan David Lake

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