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It's America! Tail Pipe's Cleaned in USA!

Updated: May 2

State of Delaware: "7 billion tons of planet-warming carbon emissions over the next three decades and provide nearly $100 billion in annual net benefits" EPA. Hello EV's, keeping high with Ice. Enjoy the videos!

And for those on EV's, let's hear from Sandy Munro! and Biden:

“U.S. workers will lead the world on autos — making clean cars and trucks, each stamped ‘Made in America,’” Biden said Wednesday. “You have my word.’'

EPA issues new auto rules aimed at cutting carbon emissions, boosting electric:

The Biden administration announced new automobile emissions standards Wednesday that officials called the most ambitious plan ever to cut planet-warming emissions from passenger vehicles.

The new rules relax initial tailpipe limits proposed last year but eventually get close to the same strict standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The rules come as sales of electric vehicles, which are needed to meet the standards, have begun to slow. The auto industry cited lower sales growth in objecting to the EPA’s preferred standards unveiled last April as part of its ambitious plan to cut planet-warming emissions from passenger vehicles.

The EPA said that under its final rule, the industry could meet the limits if 56% of new vehicle sales are electric by 2032, along with at least 13% plug-in hybrids or other partially electric cars, as well as more efficient gasoline-powered cars that get more miles to the gallon.

And do remember to take care of yourself and loved ones. Legal medical Cannabis is here and growing! Click on the image and enjoy!

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