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Meet The Solutionaries

Join Betsy Rosenberg, an award-winning broadcast journalist, on a journey through the fascinating world of sustainability and climate. With over 20 years of experience as a reporter and anchor for CBS Radio News Network, Betsy is a veritable expert in her field. She has also made a name for herself as a pioneering host and producer of cutting-edge environmental programs featuring some of the biggest names in the green world. Let Betsy's expertise guide you as you discover the green world.


Betsy Rosenberg, host of's Meet the Solutionaries, interviews Erin Remblance, author and educator on the topic of De-growth.


GreenTV's Betsy Rosenberg, host of Meet the Solutionaries, and Christopher Horner, host of Business Earth, team up to interviews author, Mike Duwe about his book, The Sharing Green Economy: Sharing What's Possible With New Labor Market Economics


Rev. Kirsten Snow Spalding of the Ceres Investor Network discusses #COP28 outcomes.

Media Matters for America Reports on COP28

Betsy Rosenberg, host of's Meet the Solutionaries, interviews Evlondo Cooper, Senior Researcher, #Climate and #Energy Program, at Media Matters for America. He reports on #COP28 coverage, mainstream media coverage of the #climatecrisis, the increasing coverage of the culpability of the #fossilfuel industry, and what the public can do to pressure the media to increase coverage.

Sustain Claus in Dubai Visits on


In this holiday season, visited and interviewed SustainaClaus, aka Philip McMaster, not from what remains of the climate crisis-imperiled North Pole, but from Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Mideast. Mr. McMaster was there in Dubai, having just participated in his 9th UN climate conference, COP 28, as an Observer. He shared his perspectives about the COPs, the climate crisis, and his many years of activism with Green TV's co-founder Betsy Rosenberg and correspondent Alfred Robert Hogan, during this half-hour interview via Streamyard, conducted on Friday 22 December 2023.

Tzeporah Berman on abuse of power at COP28 and's Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty


Betsy Rosenberg, host of's Meet the Solutionaries, interviews Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director of, after her return from #COP28 in Dubai. She describes what she saw and heard at the conference, and she talks about the work of and their Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty initiative.

Interview: Alex Carlin, Foreign Correspondent on Environment, Center for Media and Democracy.


Betsy Rosenberg, Host of's Meet the Solutionaries interviewed Alex Carlin, Foreign Correspondent on Environment, Center for Media and Democracy. Alex took time out to talk to while attending the recent #COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Climate activist, Aruba Faruque, joins's Betsy Rosenberg and A.R. Hogan

In this Special Report on COP28,'s Betsy Rosenberg & A.R. Hogan interview Aruba Farugue, a 17 year-old climate activist from Bangladesh, who is attending COP28 in Dubai. She shares insights from her experience at the conference as well as her perspectives as a citizen of one of the nations dealing with the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis and #climatechange.. is ON THE SCENE to cover the 2023 March to End Fossil Fuels during Climate Week NYC's Betsy Rosenberg, host of Meet the Solutionaries was in New York for the 2023 Climate Week NYC. She captured video of the September 17, 2023 March to End Fossil Fuels. Official estimates are that over 75,000 people participated in the march. It received no coverage from the mainstream media, but was there!​​​

Who Is Protecting Your Right To Clean Water? Clean Water Rights in Florida & What It Means for You!

From Right's of Nature legislation to Green Amendments, these Solutionaries are working to secure the right to clean water to Florida's Citizens. Learn how they are doing it and how the politicians and special interests amassed against them are fighting back. What does this mean for the citizens of Florida and the citizens in other states across the country who are also fighting for the fundamental right to clean water?

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The Yale Man Who Knows How Americans Feel About Climate Change


The Yale Man Who Knows How Americans Feel About Climate Change (


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Third-Gen Cousteau & family continue the quest of Ocean Literacy & solutions for a healthier Earth



Philippe Cousteau Jr. is the grandson of the famed ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau. He has followed the family mission and dedicated his life to ocean conservation along with his wife Ashlan. The couple has produced and hosted many television specials for the Travel Channel, CNN, and Discovery. He has authored a number of children's books and ocean guides for youth. Together with his wife, they wrote "Oceans for Dummies" and founded Earth Echo International. Soon they will be launching an eco-friendly, vegan Omega 3 supplement, Seavoir, that is better than grinding up fish and krill. Links are below, and remember to subscribe to our channel so you will know when we have uploaded another informative video..

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