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We are a Public Benefit Corporation.

Established in Delaware, USA

Join our team on an e-mission—to reduce emissions—and clean up the mess humans have made so we can stop wasting precious resources and time, regenerate and re-wild nature, so she in turn can support all life on this miraculous planet. When it comes to environmental news our team will pick up where the networks stop. That means going deeper and wider on many more eco-facts, and bringing the eco solutionaries directly to you. 

You can help by following us on social media, subscribing to our YouTube Channel, sharing our content, and supporting us to help keep the lights on so we can bring to you the top minds, top stories, and best practices to think and be green. You can join our mailing list too for the latest!


Jon Lake

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Jon Lake created the world's first GreenTV in 1995 when battling terminal Cancer. Jon is the author of Hospice to Health covering 2+ decades of volunteer Cancer counseling.


A lifetime of experience working hands-on in the automotive industry piqued Jonathan's interest and desire for clean, efficient transportation, buildings and Green energy sources. Self-employed since the age of 12, Lake began his career by re-designing and building custom vehicles.


The origin of his Cancer was from the tailpipes of the cars he had been saving from the scrap yard. While battling for his life, he began sketching out what is now GreenTV® to advocate for clean, Green living. The entrepreneur has now dedicated himself to assisting with an efficacious transition to clean transportation.
As evident in his daily posts, his passion for electrifying all modes of transportation continues and aligns with the new USA Green-friendly administration.

Jon has been blessed with daughters, grand- and great-grandchildren, who motivate him to create a greener, healthier world. He is based in Delaware and travels to the Greenest destinations to report the latest for GreenTV.

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Betsy Rosenberg

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Betsy Rosenberg is an award-winning broadcast journalist.


Betsy worked as a reporter and anchor for the CBS Radio News Network for 20 years. For the past two decades,
she has blazed a new trail in broadcasting, as host and producer of cutting-edge environmental programs featuring Who’s Who in the sustainability and climate world.

Betsy was first in the nation with a daily green radio show heard on Air America from 2004-2007. She went on to produce and anchor hundreds of radio programs on the
internet, leading lively discussions on the most pressing ecological challenges of our time, primarily—but not exclusively---focused on the climate, ocean and biodiversity crises.

Betsy has interviewed literally thousands of green leaders in politics, science, business, activism, clean-tech and the arts; all innovators in their fields. Some of her earliest
interview guests included scientists Jim Hansen, Katherine Hayhoe, Michael Mann; politicians like Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, and advocates including Bill
McKibben, Paul Hawken, David Suzuki RFK Jr., Paul Ehrlich, Elizabeth Kolbert, and too many more to count. Years would pass before mainstream channels showed interest in these issues and green thought leaders.

Betsy’s passion for raising awareness, eco-literacy, and urgency---using the airwaves to catalyze public action for maximum impact---has led her to Green TV where she is a co-founder and chief content director at Betsy describes herself as a “woman on emission” and hopes to grow Green TV into a 24-7 livestreaming platform to better inform an increasingly concerned public about what they can do to be part of the solution to these existential challenges and to help move the needle --enough so that nature notices!

In addition to her early vision for more comprehensive and continuous coverage of the ecological threats facing humanity, Betsy has long been active in her community. In 2002 Betsy co-founded an educational campaign to raise awareness about the need for more fuel-efficient cars. Don’t Be Fueled! – Mothers for Clean and Safe Vehicles was instrumental in GM’s decision to begin producing hybrid gas/electric cars for families. In 2010 after the Tea Party movement thwarted political progress on climate change Betsy launched the Green Tea Party which held educational meetings to inform parents about being better eco-stewards.

Betsy is a 2007 graduate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and has contributed to two books including Climate Abandoned—We’re on the Endangered List!  @betsy_rosenberg

Meet The Team

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C.F.A. Weiss

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Director of Photography, Videographer, Editor, Producer, Line Producer, Project Manager, Director of Social Media, & wearer of many more hats ... 

C.F.A. Weiss, aka Chris or "WEISS!!!" is a lifelong observer of people, events, and happenings. Her love of cinema as a child eventually lead to a life behind the camera capturing the living, the dying, the real and fictional, for private and the masses of society to consume. Now she is working with Green TV to bring the Eco Solutionaries to the public mainstream to help save our planet. 

Her life resume resides on LinkedIn as well as IMDb, granted the right name combination is necessary for each. She is a lover of mystery, thrillers, comedy, and puzzles. Even co-wrote and Produced a humourous horror under the Invictus Films banner that won an award. 

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Bonnie Bibas

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Contributor, Business Manager

Bonnie has an extensive background in broadcast advertising, marketing, and production having worked for various media outlets such as CBS, A&E Network, Blair Television, and Comcast. She has a degree in psychology and holds a certificate in Sustainable Practices from the Green MBA program at Dominican University. She is a Fellow National of The Explorers Club.
Bonnie serves on the Standards Committee for The Non-GMO Project. She is a board member of the Hela Bima Rice Project, an organization that has transitioned farmers in Sri Lanka from chemical to natural farming. She also serves on the board of Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners in San Francisco. She is an advisor to The New Normal Foundation and to Everflux Technologies. She is certified as a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project and trained as an environmental advocate by The Environmental Forum of Marin. She is the founder of Pomegrant, an online platform that helps raise funds for non-profit organizations.

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Jeana diNatale

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Jeana is a Women in Cleantech & Sustainability Events Committee Member. She has been an organizer for Women in Robotics and TechTogether, nonprofits that empower underrepresented groups in STEM. diNatale is passionate about environmental issues and working to impact positive change through sustainable initiatives.

Her skills include but are not limited to; Product & Project Management, Sustainability, Research, Problem-Solving, Social Impact

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Aria McKenna

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Aria is an award winning actress, a voice-over artist, director, producer and founder of Global Cooling Productions. Her dramatic, narrative series, Revolution Earth is in development with Golden Globe Award winning writer/producer Jeff Abugov (‘Roseanne, ‘Two and a Half Men’, 'Cheers'). She also produced multiple political ads for Quantum Surge Media and was an on camera host for Long Island International Film Expo.

As an audio producer, Aria was involved with ESPN’s ‘30 for 30’ series, ‘The Two Escobars’, has directed and produced four audio-books, and has taught countless students the art of acting both on camera and on the mic while producing demos for The NY Voice Over Success Program and Voice Tree Productions.

Aria's dedication to climate restoration and environmental action was inspired by the birth of her daughter Phoenix. Since then, she has traveled across the country searching for a deeper understanding of the issues related to the climate crisis, while maintaining a specific focus on its solutions. In Texas, she was educated by Al Gore as part of his Climate Reality Leadership Corps. In Pennsylvania, she received climate advocacy training from the Citizens Climate Lobby. In Colorado, she attended the American Renewable Energy Day Summit three years in a row, where she was a panel speaker. And in NJ, she spoke at the Cooperative Impact Social Innovation Conference sponsored by Princeton University.

In Washington DC and Florida, while lobbying for climate action with the American Sustainable Business Council and CCL, she became aware that, while some important progress had been made, there were some politicians who would never lead their constituents on climate action. They were, in fact, waiting for their constituents to lead them. This has renewed her belief in the power of the media to help create the cultural shifts that will help save our ecosystems and preserve our children's futures.

In addition to her work with GreenTV, developing programming and strategizing impact, she has been working with climate scientists around the world through the Healthy Climate Alliance, Planetary Restoration Action Group and Healthy Planet Action Coalition to advocate for a three-pronged emergency scale plan for climate restoration. Aria is also on the advisory board for Love the Wild Foundation.

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Christopher Horner

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Chris was born in Los Angeles in 1955. By age 13, his family had lived in Mexico,
New York, Toronto and London. Later at The Verde Valley High School near Sedona, AZ, he went on extended field trips to Hopi Land, Clarksdale Mississippi and Patzcuaro Mexico. These life experiences, and later ones in Austria, Spain, France, North Africa and the South Pacific have given Chris a broad multi-cultural background and sense of the world. He speaks fluent French and decent Spanish. Chris graduated from UC Berkeley in 1976 with a combined degree in architecture/environmental design, reinforcing a lifelong passion for sustainable design and technology. Following Berkeley, Chris followed an equally long-standing passion for
cinema, working in Hollywood for 10 years as an art director in movies and tv. He also began writing his own projects, leading to an opportunity to write and direct commercials and then other television programming in Paris, where Chris moved in 1987, becoming a partner in European Television Company. He was a founding member of L’Association Jour de la Terre, which brought Earth Day to France for the first time in 1990. Over the next 25 years, Chris alternated between free-lance movie design and business consulting work in Los Angeles, and writing and directing programs for broadcasters in France, Morocco, Italy and Germany, including long-form documentaries. One of the most personally meaningful of these projects was writing/directing/co-producing “Trouble in Paradise”, a film about the
tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, one of earth’s first sovereign nations
facing total destruction due to the effects of climate change / sea-level rise.
In parallel with his film work and throughout his professional life, Chris has
maintained a deep interest and involvement in environmental issues and green business, continually broadening his knowledge and consulting for both for and non-profit endeavors. In addition to working with several renewable energy
startups, Chris has returned to Tuvalu several times, working extensively with the Government of Tuvalu via AlofaTuvalu, a Paris and Tuvalu-based NGO dedicated to assisting the nation with its many environmental challenges.
Chris lives in Santa Barbara with his partner Ellen Strickland and their dog Minnie.
He continues writing and working in various aspects of green business and
communications, steadfast in his belief that both are vital for helping civilization
transition to a wiser, healthier and more sustainable home planet Earth -- vital
endeavors to get us from “here” to “there”.

Tamara Diamond.jpg

Tamara Diamond

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Tamara Diamond’s passion for environmental sustainability and wellness compelled her to study and get a BSc degree in Environmental Design, followed by certification in Recycling and Waste Management from UCLA, with the goal of creating healthier places for people and planet, while preventing more waste from filling-up the natural terrain. She is a bridge-builder across multiple industries, she is both a big picture and detail person who enjoys collaborating on projects utilizing her expertise in event planning and production, project management, designing, writing and revising publications, strategic marketing, business development and research, and implementing best practices and solutions.  She has worked in public, private and non-profit sectors, and has coordinated, co-produced and managed the Green Festival (Annual Sustainability & Green Living Event in SF), San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International and the annual Sustainable San Mateo County Awards. She likens this work to finding, sorting, and synthesizing all of the pieces to complete a puzzle.

She is Chief Partnerships Officer at Joule, Inc., a Clean/Climate technology start-up at LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator) that creates hydro-energy in the ocean, and is also a Climate Reality Leader, USGBC LEED Green Associate, a board member for Bay Area Green Tours, and member of Women in CleanTech and Sustainability.  

Julia DeTar.jpeg

Julia Detar

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Julia is currently a 2nd year masters student of International Studies pursuing a certificate in Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Denver. Her undergraduate degree was in International Relations at Michigan State University, focused primarily on democratization. Since graduating from MSU, she has decided to pursue a more environmental-based career and utilize her passion for mitigating the effects of climate change while preventing further environmental degradation.

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Alfred Robert Hogan

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Alfred Robert Hogan is a longtime science journalist and media historian, born in Boston and based in Maryland. Hogan’s pieces on space exploration, environment and climate, health, veganism, animal rights, and history have appeared in myriad newspapers and magazines, from The Washington Times to The Los Angeles Times to The Houston Chronicle to The Sun of Baltimore. In 2005, he earned a University of Maryland master’s degree in journalism, and he is now striving toward his PhD, focusing on the history of radio and television space coverage from 1922 to the present day. Hogan, who has contributed to more than 10 books, is researching and writing an in-depth bio book on teen environmental champion, “science nerd,” Indigenous ally, and ethical vegan Greta Thunberg and the climate emergency’s underlying science. After serving as film advisor, historical consultant, and script editor on Andrew D. Kaplan's three-hour documentary film "In Search of Walt Whitman," which has aired on more than 60 US public television stations, he is assisting Kaplan with his forthcoming documentary on Edgar Allan Poe.

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