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It's Electric! Rehoboth Beach Hemp Event

Updated: May 4, 2023

Cape Gazette Journalist Melissa Steele has nabbed many exclusives in the State of Delaware. This weekend, Bruce Michael Dietzen's Hemp EV car and Weed advocates meet. And it will be electric!

Join the GreenTV team, Delaware cannabis spokesperson Zoe Patchell and plant advocates. We will also announce the world's first Hemp sports car documented by Jay Leno. It's the Greenest vehicle on the planet. The Biden 1 Hemp EV will hopefully carry GM's new EV platform under the very Green body. We also hope to see this available for new and existing vehicles General Motors vehicles!

All right here in the First State with Daniel Lacy's 90-year old, 7th generation Delaware-based company and seen on the series with lead TV host Jameela Epps educating teaching women and men about her GM career and her Pop's decades with Ford.

Education, jobs, cars made from the cannabis plant from front liners to reduce our footprint for future generations! Hope to see you there and meet Melissa Steele here!

Click on image below of the 2022 Biden 1 classic converted to all electric and the story by Melissa Steele!

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