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It's Electric! Pontoon's Float Your Boat

Covering land, water and air electric vehicles can be a challenge and that challenge is affordability. General Motors and Pure Watercraft have an answer.

These are just some of the advantages of using planet-friendly marine machines:

Silent Propulsion: Electric motors aren’t inherently silent. But they can be. That’s why we’ve spent years developing a proprietary gear set and motor control design to ensure our systems run quietly and with less vibration, all without sacrificing performance.

Zero Maintenance: Our fully-sealed electric outboard motor means there are no fluids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.

No Emissions: 100%-clean, electric power flows effortlessly from our proprietary battery pack system producing zero emissions. No more oil or gas spills. No more inhaling noxious fumes or polluting petrochemical fluids directly into the water.

For more, visit and be safe on the water, have fun and relax in quiet mode!

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