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It's Electric! Green Dream Machines

It's Electric at PickMan Inc and Joseph Chu has a dream as does Mario Galvan. So does Andrew Feder at AIO Motors. We filmed Fisker, Aptera and many others to show how dreams become reality!

From a sketch on a paper napkin to 3D and then the hard work begins. Pre-publicity is of course a must to get journalists interested and stay interested. Getting connected to the right policy holders and decision makers can make or break you. From there, the road gets even more bumpy and rough. We know because we helped carry ideas to reality since 1929.

The BidenMobile shown in the image began as the based on history with President Biden since age 17. The dream of an all-American Corvette being converted to all-electric and bearing the Biden Won Delaware license plate is on it's way to realty yet this is just one car representing the imagination of millions.

World's only Legally registred Biden Won license plate!

And our point is if you have a dream, the drive and tenacity it takes in the longest miles of your life, we can help and have for 94-years and counting.

And only you can help yourself become a healthy human helping heal the planet!

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