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It's Electric! EV 3D James Bond Car Built

You may want to convert your car to electric like Ivan Sentch yet you may be unsure where to begin. Many dream of owning a James Bond dream car yet not many go to the trouble of printing one!

Ivan Sentch, 32, from Auckland, New Zealand, is printing hundreds of plastic parts that fit together to form a 1961 Series II Aston Martin DB4. It is an earlier, but very similar model to the one made famous by James Bond.

Each piece is 'printed', then mounted onto a wood frame and glued into place.

With 2,500 sections printed, he is currently 72 per cent of the way finished. Sentch estimates it will take another five years until he can actually take the car on the road.

His blog, Replica DB4 Project, has chronicled the ambitious project since he started it in his garage and it now has an international following.

It would be virtually impossible for the married father-of-two to buy an original DB4. There are only 1,200 DB4 models in existence, and they often fetch around £220,000 at auction.

They were only manufactured between September 1961 and October 1962, making them a very rare commodity.

The outline he is creating now will be used to make a fibreglass mould which will be used to form a custom-built frame which will be the actual car.

Sentch has no previous experience with 3D printing but he has learned how to use the software as he goes along.

And take a look at these popular printed vehicles!

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