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It's Electric! Lower Cost Conversions

Ryan Shaw is a young and talented man with an unlimited future. We recently asked Ryan to help convert millions of Fords beginning with the First Lady Biden's F-150 and Magna International. Check out the video for this game-changer!

And stay tuned for further specifications, cost and availability. And this is not silver bullet for all conversions yet could lower entry to a hybrid or full electric project.

"The Magna EtelligentForce is a battery-electric 4WD powertrain system for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles, designed to maintain these vehicles’ full capabilities and not compromise payload or towing capacities.

An intelligent operating strategy controls the two eDrives, which include an eDS Mid+ at the front and our eDS eBeam at the rear, both featuring next-gen eDrive technologies.

Magna’s eBeam drops into place of traditional beam axles, reusing existing suspension and brake systems, and preventing the need for expensive restructuring of existing truck platforms - speeding the transition towards electrification of these vehicle segments.

Businesses can deliver goods and services without worry, and consumers can put these trucks to work as they have always done- whether on the construction site or on route to their favorite vacation destination. All while preserving the environment with zero emissions.

Thus, Magna’s EtelligentForce fully electric powertrain system for trucks delivers all of the capabilities that owners are familiar with in any driving situation and condition".

JillMobile in-progress!

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