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It's Electric! Amazing Truck Conversions!

Pick-Up trucks are everywhere and with you, they could also be Greener and a whole lot better with an EV conversion kit from Edison Motors. Read, watch and learn from the EV experts. Learn inexpensive and a world network!

And no, it is not always as easy as it seems yet a whole lot better than even just a few years ago. And look at the market. There are TONS of old pick-ups hanging around just waiting for a new life, purpose and meaning!

Welcome to our latest video where we delve into the exciting world of Edison Motors' innovative pickup truck retrofit kits. In this episode, we cover a range of topics surrounding our dealer installer packages and answer your most frequently asked questions.

Highlights of these videos include:

Reservation Impact: Discover how reserving a retrofit kit on our website not only secures your spot but also significantly contributes to our growth, inventory acquisition, and facility expansion.

Kit Functionality Explained: We break down the simplicity of our retrofit kits, designed for full-size trucks with solid axles. Learn how these kits convert your truck into a powerful electric 4x4 or all-wheel drive vehicle.

Battery and Installation Process: Get insights into our user-friendly battery system, ensuring easy installation. We also discuss customization options for different needs and truck models.

Hybrid Diesel-Electric Option: For those looking for a hybrid solution, we introduce our dual-functioning kits that combine electric power with a diesel generator. Power and Performance: Be amazed by the sheer power of our kits, boasting around 500 horsepower and 8,000 foot-pounds of torque. Understand how we prioritize torque over speed for heavy-duty tasks.

Commitment to Right to Repair: Learn about our dedication to making these kits easily serviceable and our focus on using interchangeable parts to streamline operations. Vehicle Compatibility: Find out how our kits can be integrated into both new and older truck models, with varying degrees of customization.

Cost Estimates and Options: We discuss the cost-effectiveness of our retrofit kits and the various options available, from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, and from full electric to hybrid setups. Reservations and their Value: Understand the benefits of reserving a kit, including your spot in the production line and the flexibility of your reservation.

Installer Network and Training: We're building a network of trained installers to make these kits accessible throughout North America. Learn how you can become a certified installer. * Edison Motors Exclusive Merchandise: Don't miss out on our limited-edition blue hats, a symbol of our journey and innovation in electric vehicle technology. Join us on this journey to revolutionize the pickup truck market with Edison Motors. Whether you're interested in transforming your truck into an electric powerhouse or becoming a part of our installer network, visit our website under the pickup truck kit section to reserve your kit or sign up as an installer. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support in making sustainable transportation a reality!

Founded by Chace Barber and Eric Little in 2016, Edison Motors is a testament to the trucking spirit. Beginning with a 1969 Kenworth Logging Truck named "Old Blue," they journeyed from Merritt, BC, hauling logs to the Yukon and drilling rigs in Alberta. Frustrated with newer trucks, they rebuilt classics from the frame up, expanding into power generation and off-grid solar systems in 2019. Their journey led to the creation of the Edison Truck, a robust electric truck tailored to logging and heavy vocational industries.

Upgrade Without Replacing: Edison Electrification Kit Keep trucks on the road longer with the Edison Electrification kit. Upgrade your driveline to electric without replacing the entire truck.

Ideal for vocational applications, this kit is a cost-effective solution. Unlike other electric trucks, Edison Motors offers customer choice. Choose between Rebuilding (utilizing existing cab and frame rails) or Remanufacturing (brand new frame and chassis).

Payload Efficiency: The Weight Balance Edison Trucks match the weight of a normal diesel truck. With reduced motor weight and additional fuel balancing out battery weight, experience efficiency and increased payload capacity. The L series, though slightly heavier, remains comparable to a normal diesel truck.

Keep Your Equipment with Rebuilt Trucks. For vocational trucks, keep your equipment with a rebuilt truck. Edison's e-pto and control system integrate seamlessly. No need to replace your entire body when upgrading to an electric truck.

And DO support those supporting our work! Lady Lacy's team of EV advocates and top-rated consumers help you enjoy your ride, have pleasure and offer gifts for nearly everyone!

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