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It's Electric! Dirty Bank Day Protest

Converting vehicles to electric or making new ones will not save the planet yet they can help. Like today's protests being held in over 100 cities by age 60+ against dirty banks, at least they may make a dent with Vanessa Arcara and Bill McKibben!

When the United Nations climate report says the World is on the brink of a disaster and many major banks are financing the demise of future generations, it's time to act.

According to Oliver Milman at The Guardian, "Climate activists across the US will on Tuesday blockade branches of banks that finance fossil fuels, cutting up their credit cards in protest and holding rallies featuring everything from flash mobs to papier-mache orca whales. Unusually for such a spectacle, the protests won’t be led by young activists but those of a grayer hue."

The protests, across more than 90 locations, including Washington DC, are billed as the first set of mass climate demonstrations by older Americans, who have until now been far less visible than younger activists, such as the school strike movement spearheaded by Greta Thunberg. In a nod to the more seasoned age of participants, older people in painted rocking chairs will block the entrances to some of the US’s largest banks to highlight their funding of oil and gas extraction.

Thank you for reading. As a father, grand and great-grandfather, these actions are absolutely needed to awake those who are not aware the problem is getting worse which is why Betsy Rosenberg and team bring real solutions to real problems.

And now back to the cars with the experts!

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