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It's Electric! Delaware gets Picked Up

Joseph Chu has an amazing history and vision. Our idea of an inexpensive EV that also fulfills the needs for many is found in The Pickman coming to President Biden's State of Delaware!

Joe's bio reads like a true blue USA innovator:

Specialty in developing, selling an managing automotive/electronic products with 10+ years of experience:

- Invented a rechargeable cigarette lighter sold 500,000+ units to Walmart checkout counters.

- Spearheaded a new electronic product category and grew to more than 40M+ in big box retailers.

- Founded Tailored Source to focus on developing intellectual properties and obtaining exclusive products rights.

- Acquired intellectual properties and exclusive rights from Kaiyun Motors for the Pickman product in the North American market.

- Developed the Pickman vehicle into an NHTSA certified leading low speed vehicle brand in great position for the further electrification of this growing segment.

At heart, I am an aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about technologies and businesses that drastically improve people's lives. I am also a licensed California realtor servicing Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties.

One of my personal life goals is to start my own animal shelters to better protect, feed, and care for strays to improve their chance of finding a forever home.

By Jonathan David Lake

Father, grand and great grandfather

Founder: GreenTV

President: Auto Archives

Inventor ImmunaJuice

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