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It's Electric! Car Donation Tax Credits

Jay Leno's video compares new and old EV's while he donates cars for community and Cancer research. Learn how to donate your vehicle for a tax credit and possibly an electric conversion!

Auto Archives is our family automotive business dating to year 1929 and specializing in appraising vehicles being donated to assure fair market value and a solid win-win for all. If you are considering donating a vehicle, we work with the American native tribe of Lenape in Delaware, USA whose non-profit carries on the traditions of caring for people, planet and her many species. Contact Danial Lacy here to get a free, no obligation evaluation and details.

As an added plus, if you prefer your donated vehicle have a new life as electric, let us know as we are always looking for projects to film and share!

And only you can help yourself become a healthy human helping heal the planet! Created by Author of Hospice to Health, Jon Lake.

Documented Tax Credits for donating your vehicle to Green Bridge non-profit 501-C Lenape native American benefactor.

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