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It's Electric! Biden Won - Happy 2023

It's Electric! This one-off, legally registered Biden 1 (Biden Won) license plate was made for the Biden's all-electric converted classic in 2022. See how you can win gifts from GreenTV in 2023!

The all-electric converted 2022 BidenMobile!

The all-electric 2023 BidenMobile conversion headed to the upcoming new year SEMA!

Many thanks to "Uncle Joe" for believing in me and advocating clean, Greened transportation.

And now, how can you win in 2023? Easy, just subscribe to our new YouTube Channel here

Everyone who subscribes will be automatically entered to win an entire years supply of the patented formula that help save my life when battling terminal Cancer. The product helps build your immune system naturally with research backed by 2+ decades, the USA medical, scientific and legal communities. And only available as an exclusive from GreenTV.

A great 2023 to all!

By Jonathan David Lake

Father, grand and great grandfather

Founder: GreenTV

President: Auto Archives

Inventor ImmunaJuice

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