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It's Electric! Autonomous EV Tractor

Look Ma, no hands! According to Clean Technica, Monarch Tractor goal is assisting farmers in lowering their carbon footprints, enhancing field safety, streamlining farming operations, and boosting their bottom lines.

Monarch has announced that its Founder Series MK-V tractor has started coming off the production line at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Livermore, California. The Monarch MK-V is a fully electric, driver-optional, smart tractor with lots of bells and whistles.

The tractor’s combination of electrification, automation, and data analysis was revealed by Monarch less than two years ago. With the purchase of the first six Founder Series MK-V tractors, Constellation Brands, a producer of premium, fine wine, craft spirits, and beer, has teamed with Monarch as its first client. Additional customer shipments to small family farms and other major multinational enterprises will come after the delivery of Monarch MK-V tractors to Constellation Brands.

Using a Monarch MK-V in place of a comparable diesel tractor will reduce emissions by the same amount as taking 14 cars off the road. Given that agriculture is responsible for almost 25% of global emissions, the zero-emission Monarch Tractor will contribute to significant emissions reductions as its use spreads in a sector that has historically been challenging to decarbonize. [Editor’s note: Just keep in mind that much of agriculture’s carbon footprint is due to meat production and related deforestation.]

The Monarch MK-V tractor’s use also aids in resolving a number of issues farmers face today, such as labor shortages, safety worries, elevated customer scrutiny of sustainable methods, rules from the government, and more.

Key features of the MK-V include:

  • Renewable Technology: With zero tailpipe emissions, the MK-V is entirely electric. In addition, it functions as a three-in-one electrification tool that can be used in the field as a strong electric generator as well as a tractor or utility vehicle.

  • Driver Optional: For driver-assist and driver-optional operations, Monarch makes use of the most current autonomous and robotics hardware and software, including the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform. Without a driver, the Monarch MK-V can carry out pre-programmed duties, or an operator can use the interactive automation features of the Monarch Tractor, such as Shadow mode, to have the Monarch Tractor follow a person around while they work.

By Jonathan David Lake

Father, grand and great grandfather

Founder: GreenTV

President: Auto Archives

Inventor ImmunaJuice

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