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It's Electric! Amphibious EV

Car and Driver is a pretty serious operation so when Steve Tice said they did a story, it peaked interest when seeing the video. Not for everyone yet forward Green thinking on climate change!

The recent story reads "The greenest amphibious vehicle and is called Trident LS-1, it is an electric urban three-wheeled, amphibious hydrofoil and at the moment it is a project of which a prototype is already being built.

The renders of the blue and white model are the first to be made of the Trident LS-1 but the final image is that of the model in silver. The three wheels hide inside the body when it enters the water and from there its transformation begins. The peculiar "columns" located on the sides are necessary for its operation in the water, since they are the ones that incorporate the jetfoils that allow it to move flying over the aquatic surface.

Despite its three-wheel configuration, on the road it would have traction on all three, with a system that controls the torque supplied to each of them to ensure perfect stability. All occupants have seat belts and their body-helmet will meet the required road safety standards. At the moment the company is in a crowdfunding phase to carry out the project and they expect that in the next five years they will already have on the market about a thousand units of their amphibious electric tricycle.

Jonathan David Lake

Father, grand and great grandfather

Founder: GreenTV

President: Auto Archives

Inventor ImmunaJuice

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