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It's Electric! 1967 Honda Dream-E

If Honda only offered this in 1967. Danny Mantyla from Kansas, USA to convert the Dream to electric with a video of the first prototype. Have a great weekend!

According to Bike EXIF "WHAT’S THE HARDEST part of converting a classic motorcycle to electric?" You might think it’s sourcing an appropriate drivetrain, or wedging it into a chassis designed for an internal combustion engine. Sure, those are all notable challenges—but the real trick, is pulling it off without ruining the bike’s vintage aesthetic.

Amateur bike builder Danny Mantyla has it all figured it out. He’s just treated this 1967 Honda CA160 Dream to an electric motor swap. And he’s done it so well, that it arguably looks even cooler than it used to. Dream-E: Converting a 1967 Honda CA160 to electric | Bike EXIF

This is one of the videos of an earlier prototype by Joe Murphy that has been cleaned up and modernized.

Jonathan David Lake

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