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Hospice to Health Day!

When sent home with Hospice and 3-months to live, set out on what TV host Betsy Rosenberg calls an e-mission. By the end of 3-months, Hospice was gone, I am still here.

In what should have been the last three months of my life, GreenTV was created, my plan to reduce transportation emissions was set in place and began writing "Hospice to Health".

Nearly 28-years later, the research performed by the medical, scientific and legal communities on the formula that helped save my life and give me 2+ decades with my daughters, grand and great grand children has allowed the offering of ImmunaJuice.

Each week, in addition to my daily EV blog, I'll post a tidbit on what it takes to go from a death sentence to a healthy, vibrant way of living guided by my local native American tribe and matriarch elders who helped develop our one and only truly Green product.

Support our work, your health or the health if a loved one. And remember, only healthy people can heal a hurting planet.

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