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BidenMobile® Benefits She/He Canics

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It's Electric and this is the original drawing by genius Daniel Lacy, President of Auto Archives. Daniel is sought for his unique artistic talents to ICE to EV conversions. You can own a copy of this or have your own vehicle brought to life while helping create a new, clean industry.

Fact, Daniel Lacy's son and nearly all new drivers will be driving electric at some point. When I began at age 12, the conversions I did were for fun yet what began as joy is now blossoming into a new industry recycling, reusing and repurposing existing vehicles to clean and Green.

In it's path, stable, long-term jobs and opportunities for women and men of all ages is coming of age. Another fact is the majority interested in converting their vehicles are women who like that electric cars are not only fun yet rewarding. And though many do not agree with the goverment becoming involved in cleaning up transportation while making it affordable, our current President of the United States of America is a car nut. I mean that in the best of ways yet a fact is a fact. Google "Biden car guy" and everyone from the New York Times to Bloomberg Green quote's Joe as a car enthusiast.

If Daniel Lacy to young EV enthusiasts seen below in the videos can help jump-start the industry with a little help from policy makers and forward thinkers, the future is bright for all!

Jeep conversion began in her garage!

Teenager gets into the act!

Rich Rebuild reminds us $5,000 U.S. can go a long way to electrifying a car!

Buy a copy of the BidenMobile or have Daniel Lacy draw your own original!

Biden Won! Get your Presidential license plate!

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