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It's Electric! Two Videos - Cars Do Fly

It's electric in 2023, the flying e-car is real and no longer a fantasy. The first video shows the demo and the second video is an actual test-drive with 7-million views from Stefan Klein at Klein Vison!

GreenTV covers land, water and air EV's yet this is our first flying car, the Xpeng X2. The X2 is Xpeng's first attempt at a flying vehicle and they delivered way better than expected! The X2 can take flight for around 35 minutes after a three-hour charge and is XPeng's first line of flying vehicles which will eventually lead to the world's first flying car. Today Sergi gives a closer look at this incredible machine! Let us know what you think in the comments!

At the show video:

On the go video!

Thanks and stay tuned!

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