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It's Electric! The BetsyMobile® Bday Gift

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We recycle existing cars when designing and building the JillMobile®, BidenMobile®, and other one-off ICE to EV conversions. Yet for TV host Betsy Rosenberg's B-Day, we went to Gregor Hembrough for help!

1979; In the Betsy Movie, Angelo Perino, a young auto racer has been secretly commissioned to develop a groundbreaking fuel-efficient car with hopes for a return to profitability on a new model named for the great-granddaughter of the firm's founder.

2022, on the GreenTV show, we film the making of the BestyMobile designed and built by Auto Archives, the 93-year old State of Delaware company at the Polestar factory.

We could have converted just about any vehicle for Betsy yet she is my partner and heading to a 24/7 format much like a Green CNN yet better, much better.

While an old classic would have worked, the beauty of the new Polestar shown below met Betsy and her husband Alan's Green taste buds and style.

Happy birthday Betsy, you helped create a great team and 2022 is looking great with the I.R.A investing billions of $Green into the industry we both have worked for decades to develop.

Past and recent in-progress EV Mobiles;

The JillMobile®

Happy 2022 to Betsy, CFA Weiss and the GreenTV team! The BidenMobile designed and built for my long-time friend and President of the United States! So many gave up on you so many times yet those close stayed close. And Betsy is looking forward to the interviews with Jill, Ashly and you at the Rehoboth Beach retreat here in Delaware!

And remember, only you can clean and Green our transportation!

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