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It's Electric! Tesla Alpha e-Bat

Jay Leno's Garage is being dis-continued and the rumor at Tesla is Elon wants his own car show. Will Twitter eve be the same if his idea to electrify classics becomes reality.

We are the last to follow the rumor mill yet our parent company is Auto Archives and in business since 1929. Even if it's not reality, the idea of spicing up Twitter with some video content electrifying classics may become a hit. It's not like Elon Musk has better things to do!

The Alfa Romeo BAT (or Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica) are a series of Italian concept cars. The cars originated from a joint collaboration project between Alfa Romeo and the Italian design house Bertone that began in 1953. Three cars were built: the BAT 5 in 1953, the BAT 7 in 1954, and finally the BAT 9 in 1955. All three cars were designed by Franco Scaglione.[1]

The BAT 7 was shown at the Turin Auto Show in 1954, a year after the BAT 5. For this design (as for the other BAT models, though less evidently), Bertone added elements from his experience working on wing profiles in the aeronautical industry. The result was the shape of the large, curved tail fins.

The nose was lower than that of the BAT 5, and the protrusions where the headlights would normally be stuck out even further. The headlights were located next to the nose and moved down when in use. The drag coefficient of the BAT 7 is 0.19.

Remember, only you can help prevent disease and death by what transports you.

And only you can help yourself become a healthy human helping heal the planet!

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