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It's Electric! Presidential 75th Anniversary

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Phoebe Wall Howard quoted Ted Ryan on Ford's 75-year anniversary of the F-Series. To celebrate, we're filming the conversion of Biden's ICE to EV inviting EV experts and you!

Working with Master Daniel Lacy on the 94-year old Auto Archives conversion EV company, Ford's historians Ted Ryan and researcher A.R. Hogan will bring each step to show how millions of the old existing F-Series are changed into clean, Green quiet machines with tons of reduced tailpipe exhaust during second, third or as historian Ted Ryan has seen, many new lives of F- series have been preserved with Ford's new web site. Click here the for Ford's Heritage Vault with Ted Ryan

Watch as the latest and least expensive, safest methods of conversion happens to the Ford F-150 Biden truck in upcoming stories with other F Series electrification projects.

Witness Daniel Lacy, Dr. EV Veronica, Dr. Drew Steele, Richard Sauter, Don Wright, Buzz Smith really to Jerome Andre as they work with Auto Archives in the hometown of President Joe Biden with the latest, affordable tech from electric rear-axles to Ford's e-crate conversion kit, the latest in affordable battery systems and even on-board energy generation.

"Good bye 2022, welcome 2023"! The 2022 project completed by Gregory Coles and team, seen on GreenTV with Betsy Rosenberg in 2022 and shown at the world wide National Drive Electric Week began as an old classic ready for the salvage yard. Although not for sale, the highest offer at the show was $85,000 (without the license plate).

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting! Many thanks to Phoebe, USA Today and participants. Phoebe's full story is here

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