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It's Electric! NASCAR USA Goes EV

Converting internal combustion engines to all-electric gave me the reputation as a Greenie in the muscle/racing events we cover. When Nascar promotes EV's at Delaware Dover Downs, we were directed to Doug Yorke.

And according to Hot Cars, Electrification is the way to go for both public roads and racetracks. One of the most renowned disciplines in motorsport, NASCAR, seems to have adopted the inevitable electric future. Kickin’ The Tires have unearthed details on NASCAR showcasing a prototype electric vehicle ahead of the 2023 Busch Clash set to take place at the Coliseum.

Furthermore, NASCAR will showcase this prototype in a racing series, which is likely to be aligned with the Cup Series events. NASCAR is yet to confirm the new electric racing series. But Kickin’ The Tires reports that a leaked document suggests a new electric NASCAR series is possible shortly.

In the statement, NASCAR said it is currently exploring the potential of a race series dedicated to electric vehicles since they are the future of mobility solutions. Even NASCAR Chief Operating Officer, Steve O’Donnell, hinted at this development during a press conference back in March 2022. In this press meet, O’Donnell said that NASCAR is planning an ‘exhibition series’ involving electric vehicles.

And we will keep you informed on the latest for 2023 right here!

By Jonathan David Lake

Electric vehicles since age 12

Father, grand and great grandfather

Founder: GreenTV

President: Auto Archives

Inventor ImmunaJuice

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