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It's Electric! In-Wheel Motors Save Tons

We promised Luka Ambrozic and Elpahe in-wheel motors a shout-out with their videos on amazing in-wheel tech to improve the EV industry and save tons of raw materials.

Elaphe's core business is Innovation, Research and Development of in-wheel motors for EVs. The amazing team of Elaphe engineers is highly motivated to push in-wheel electric motor technology to the market because, besides the obvious benefits of a successful business, it will directly save an additional million tons of raw materials, millions of GWh of energy and billions tons of C02 per year once in-wheel technology is endorsed by the market.

Based on the innovations, development results and entrepreneurial activities, Elaphe has won many national and international awards. Elaphe has produced several generations of in-wheel motor prototypes that are being tested on several vehicles. These vehicles and motors serve as showcases for customers and are propelling us towards meeting standards and regulations of the automotive industry. Elaphe is on the way to meet serial production demands by Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs.

In parallel, Elaphe also has wide knowledge of different fields of renewable energy and electric mobility, since strategic research for the government and international projects was part of the bootstrapping financing strategy. These activities also contribute building good personal networks with other experts.

Thanks for visiting and stay well. JL!

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