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It's Electric! EV Delahaye Jay Leno

Jay Leno and Auto Archives go back decades with cool cars and unusual machinery. We wish Jay a speedy recovery from his recent accident and look forward to the interview electrifying his Delahaye!

What? Jay is going all-electric? No, Jay and other collectors have a problem with firing up old antique machinery that spreads smoke and fumes among the collection.

In this rather dated video, Jay walks us through the French part of his inventory and shares his 1935 Delahaye (DeLay-He) along with other fine vehicles.

And the electrifying part of this story is a newly patented electric motor device kit that propels the vehicles at low-speed. This bolt-on system allows the vehicles to be moved without cranking up the old ICE mode keeping fumes, smoke and noise at bay. This invention is pictured behind the wheel covers in the featured Delahaye image above and what a sweet, quiet ride she is. Here is a peak and how varying motor sizes can move a lot for a little!

More on this in an upcoming story with Fuel 2 Electric. And thank you for supporting their work and direction offering opportunity, education and a network of like-minds!

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