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It's Electric! Electrified Veronica

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Electrified Veronica (Dr. Veronika Wright (Obersteiner) blew Jeep's doors off at SEMA! Jeep's Randy Ortiz was at SEMA and Carlos Tavares said “Jeep’s SUV electrification offensive fits today’s market demands and we’re eager to lead the way the world moves.” Carlos, let's see an EV kit!

Jeep's recent Press Release reveals what Electrified Veronica has been working on and may have surpassed Jeep's own plans to offer the public their own kits to convert Jeeps. However, before Jeep takes all the credit, see what E-Veronica has been cooking up in her and Don Wright's own garage in the video featured!

We applaud anyone's effort to convert existing vehicle to all-electric yet over a decade ago Ford nearly laughed Joe Biden, I and team off the film set when we introduced the ICE to EV conversion market. At this years SEMA 2022, Jeep wasn't heckling the idea but rather embracing it. We'll have the film footage of their reaction at SEMA and until then, a few words from Jeep.

Jeep® Brand Reveals Plan to Become the Leading Electrified SUV Brand on the Market

  • Jeep® brand will introduce four all-electric SUVs in North America and in Europe by 2025

  • All Stellantis brands committed to achieve 100% of passenger car battery electric vehicles (BEV) sales mix in Europe and 50% passenger car and light-duty truck BEV sales mix in the U.S. by end of 2030

  • Jeep brand will benefit from Stellantis’ more than €30 billion investment through 2025 in electrification and software development

  • BEV launches to help Stellantis slash emissions to reach Stellantis’ carbon net zero objective by 2038

AMSTERDAM – Jeep® brand, the global sport utility brand of Stellantis N.V., today announced a comprehensive plan for its next generation of fully electric 4xe vehicles as part of its sustainable transformation to become the leading electrified SUV brand in the world. Announcement comes just weeks after Dodge took a giant step forward on the performance brand’s road to an electrified future, revealing the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, a perception-shattering concept that reimagines what a battery electric vehicle (BEV) can be. Ram will share its highly anticipated Ram Revolution EV news in November. The brand’s promise is to serve the next generation of Ram customers with a portfolio of products that delivers on their real-world demands. Ram will push past what competitors have announced and what customers expect to deliver a fuller portfolio of technology with more range, power, productivity and convenience.

Chrysler also announced that the brand will launch its first BEV by 2025 and offer an all-electric Chrysler vehicle lineup by 2028. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, the first and still the only plug-in hybrid in the segment, offers an all-electric range of more than 30 miles, more than 80 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) and a total range of more than 500 miles. “Today’s news from Jeep brand is yet another example of how our American brands are transforming themselves to support our aggressive decarbonization plans,” said Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO. “Across our portfolio of 14 beloved brands we are offering exhilarating electrified products as we push to launch an additional 28 all-new battery electric vehicles through 2024. We’re confident that our upcoming launches will thrill our customers and keep them loving the great American brands they’ve grown up with.” Stellantis announced at EV Day in July 2021 plans to invest more than €30 billion between 2021 and 2025 in electrification and software development, including equity investments made in joint ventures to fund their activities, while targeting to continue to be 30% more efficient than the industry with respect to total Capex and R&D spend versus revenues. Electrification announcements support critical Dare Forward 2030 global ambitions, including:

  • becoming carbon net zero by 2038, with a 50% carbon emissions reduction by 2030 compared with 2021 metrics.

  • setting the course for 100% of passenger car BEV sales mix in Europe and 50% of passenger car and light-duty truck BEV sales mix in the United States by the end of this decade.

  • planning to have more than 75 BEVs and reach global annual BEV sales of five million vehicles by 2030.

“It is our ethical responsibility to ensure a sustainable future of mobility for our customers, our employees, and our planet,” said Carlos Tavares. “Jeep’s global SUV electrification offensive fits today’s market demands and we’re eager to lead the way the world moves.”

And thank you for supporting our work towards cleaner and Greener for all! Begin your project today!

Unsure of where to begin? Catch up on the latest in-print!

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