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It's Electric! DIY F-40 Ferrari

Updated: May 5, 2023

Most street legal, carefully prefabricated DIY are called Kit Cars and designed for ICE. However, our recent survey shows most prefer an EV drivetrain and Fuel2Electric delivers!

In this case, Scott (Ratarossa) has been a automotive addict for 20 years now, has tried to kick his habit but failed miserably. Instead, Scott created this YouTube channel to justify purchasing cars which he says "(it's simply a mask for my car addiction)"!

And while the video shows an ICE drivetrain, it is going to be converted and we will film the in-process to completion. Stay tuned, more cool cars coming like this one!

The JillMobile will be utilized for clean air to Cancer research advocacy and featured on the new series, Green that Ride!

Build your immune system and get the free book by Jon Lake, "Hospice to Health"!

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