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Earth Day Video - Biden's Present!

Happy Earth Day and welcome to the new GreenTV site! While in my death-bed, the experts had given up yet Joe Biden didn't. Joe sent a message by way of our mutual friend Tommie Little which was "Giving up is unforgivable".

That was Earth Day, 1995 and I did not do the unforgivable. Your dream came true and now mine begins. And what's great is we are on the same mission to clean and Green the United States of America's transportation on land, sea and air.

Just recently, we announced Project Bidenmobile where we have designed and building an all-electric replica of your cherished 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. With old talents like myself from Delaware's 91-year old Auto Archives to new talents like Gregory Coles of GreenTV EV

So happy Earth Day Joe, Jill, Ashley the many who never gave up on me or GreenTV. And like Proterra seen at the end of the White House video, today we begin what began in 1995. We offer a community of like-minds in search of Greener lifestyles.

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