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COP Update: 12/9/2023

In today's update, we are excited to share a new interview that was conducted earlier this week and posted to our YouTube Channel yesterday! GreenTV's Betsy Rosenberg and A.R. Hogan interviewed 17-year-old climate activist, climate advocacy champion, and adolescent delegate to COP28, Aruba Faruque of Bangladesh.

Aruba joined us via mobile phone from Dubai to provide her unique insight and perspective as a youth activist, a woman (sorely lacking in representation at COP28), and citizen of one of the countries that is most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

For anyone interested in learning more about Aruba, and following her activites at COP28, you can find her on X (formerly Twitter) at @ArubaFaruque.’s coverage of COP28 continues on the COP28 resource page. Check back often during the conference for updates, live streams, and reports from contributors.

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