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2 More Interviews From COP28

As we wrap up our coverage of the COP28 summit, we present you with two additional interviews from individuals who were in attendance in Dubai.

Alex Carlin, Foreign Correspondent on Environment from the Center for Media and Democracy, joined Betsy Rosenberg from Dubai with his unique and sometimes controversial perspective on climate solutions. Of course, it wouldn't be an Alex Carlin interview without a bit of impromptu music and a protest song or two.

Betsy Rosenberg, host of's Meet the Solutionaries, also interviewed Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director of, after her return from COP28 in Dubai. She describes what she saw and heard at the conference, including what she claims is abuse of power in the way that the summit was concluded. She also talks about the work of and their Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty initiative.’s coverage of COP28 continues on the COP28 resource page.

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