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Cash Reward: Who can E-emulate this?

Working alongside Joe Biden for several decades on clean transportation, he is assuring billions for the millions of existing cars to become Greener. Now, who will do it Dr. Ludmilla Derrr and viewers?

All it takes is (in this case) American ingenuity to convert existing vehicles to be cleaner and Greener. They don't have to look or perform like a Tesla, they just need to be functional like the project above. And the company does not have to be American or Union made. The reward will go to the Garage 101 like-minds or the new kid on the E-block.

As shown in the video below, it has been done!!!

You see, in the new Biden Bill, major funding is bookmarked for the girls and boys who convert their own farm vehicles to the person or group who can produce a simple, affordable conversion kit for the millions of Ford F150's produced from year 1948 to present. In fact, the USA incentives (and others in the works around the globe) will make Green transportation on land, sea and air more affordable than old-school ways of the same old thinking.

Show us you can do this and you will get front and center attention from GreenTV's in the USA to UK, India and Mexico. In addition, I will provide the cash prize and introductions!

Jonathan David Lake

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