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We invite you to hear, see and talk to the world's leading Green experts

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Jon Lake is a clean transportation expert. From automobiles to bikes and boats, Jon and his 91-year old Auto Archives team have answers to your Green transportation needs on land, sea and air.


Tanya Wendel Breck has designed communities from tree-houses to zero energy homes. Talk to T.W. today about your next project.


Eric Woodruff Ph.D. has saved billions in energy costs and represents the industry in with former US presidents and business leaders.


Daniel Horton bring 20+ years of experience in corporate sustainability, real estate and project management. Licensed architect, a LEED Fellow and a Certified Energy Manager leading sustainability efforts for 10 national and international real estate firms with over 4,000 properties managed across 720 Million SF of real estate portfolios, representing $350 Billion of assets 


Nanja (van Rooy) Smith of Seas of Green produces all drawings, plans, 3D models, 3D photo renderings, graphics and bills of quantities. Outsourcing the drawings saves you time & money.


George Pakenham is

well versed in the finance, business industry and had several creative ventures which continue today.
Producer & Director of the documentary film
Idle Threat
Author Companion children's book

Contact George the Green Finance guy today.

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"GreenTV provided us with almost instantaneous exposure to the world of environmentalists. Our listing on their site for the new earth-friendly book "Addict Nation" (co-authored by TV Host Jane Velez-Mitchell) attracts new visitors and interest everyday."

Sandra Mohr

Director and President of Mohr Productions, LLC

Robb Walters

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