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Meet the Solutionaries

with Betsy Rosenberg

Watch this short, 2-minute preview of Betsy Rosenberg's interview with Erin Remblance for's Meet the Solutionaries. Erin explains why de-growth is the answer to the #climateemergency and why #capitalism has failed civilization. What is involved in the shift to a de-growth economy and what does it mean for developed and developing countries and the people who live in them? Can de-growth save the planet? Watch it now!

Business Earth

with Chris Horner

In this new episode of's Business Earth, host Chris Horner interviews Mark Newton, Head of Sustainability for Samsung, NA. Mark describes his motivations, the sustainability initiatives he is leading, the many challenges that arise in business operations from procurement to manufacturing, distribution and recycling, and innovative partnerships with other organizations, like Patagonia, to tackle complex climate challenges.

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