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Susan Somers, Classy Car Girl & Mentor

Susan, you, Jill Biden and our little circle of survivors never gave up. You didn't let us! And we won't let you, your family and admirers down. When dying, you let me pitch my ideas to Bruce in NY and welcomed me into your fold. Thank you S.S., our Special Susan.

Mentor to many, we'll carry on the words of Knockout, natural medicines and hope. We know you did not die from Cancer, you saw it ahead of time and we agreed then and ever since.

R.I.P. from Jill, Ashley and our GreenTV team...And Susan, it worked! You told me it would! Lady Lacy, I and the would will always give you thumbs up for clearing the path to longevity and living a great life helping others!

Click and donate your vehicle, tell a friend, donate your like our team does every single night and day to advocate Clean, Green living and eliminating Cancer with woman-made medicines and the faith you carried, shared and will be carried on...Thank you for believing in you, us and me...

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