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It's Electric! Friday Fundraisers: Jill Biden

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Millions raised for Cancer awareness groups in October. #GreenTV and team are creating a weekly Friday Fundraiser benefiting all!

Teaming up with First Lady Jill and First Lady Lacy, every week a vehicle is donated for an attractive tax credit to help raise funds directly to your community or cause. All with a direct phone call to Delaware's humble H.Q. just a walk from Jill's home or an e-mail to me directly, both are on this page

And the really great thing, from the time you contact us, everything remains confidential, every step is done from the legal appraisal documentation for tax incentives to door to door pick-up and liquidation are handled. The entire process costs you nothing and the vehicle can be a car, truck, RV, EV or boat. As a BIG plus, many of the donations will be converted to clean, Green electric machines by the 95-year old Auto Archives team in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Win a 3-month supply of ImmunaJuice just for referring someone to donate their vehicle!

And stay tuned for Jill's recent video and a preview of next Friday's Fundraiser below Jill's!

Bonnie Bibas contributes next week with a Common Ground preview and a few free tickets to the show coming to a city near you. Check for your event location by clicking here

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