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So what is the mission of GreenTV?

Updated: May 9, 2022

By: Betsy Rosenberg

Our aim is to be a communication bridge bringing the most important issues, best solutions, brightest “solutionaries” and most compelling stories directly to an increasingly curious and concerned public.

As our climate, oceans, forests, biodiversity, and other critical ecosystems become compromised, the need to educate and engage a much larger portion of the population is a necessity. If we must cut our emissions in half by 2030, less than eight years away, (based on the latest IPCC report), there is an urgent imperative to connect the dots and provide actionable solutions to the greater public, in order to ensure success. Failure cannot be an option!

Despite the looming threat, broadcast news networks only devoted 1.2% of overall coverage to reporting on the climate crisis (How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2021- Media Matters For America). In 2022, as our precious planet shows too many signs of distress, one percent is simply unacceptable. At GreenTV we understand the enormity of this epic and urgent challenge and are dedicated to providing accessible and easily digestible green programming to help catalyze a shift in the right direction.

In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to doing our part to ensure we don’t “return to normal” but rather build back better, not only on environmental and climate challenges but also to help create green jobs and communities that are more equitable– keeping the need for social justice, income equity, and diversity top of mind.

But we can’t do it without you! Our promise is to curate the most important and interesting stories, trends, and developments and bring them to you by spotlighting the best solutions, experts, and advocates that will help move the needle–enough so that Mother Nature notices!

We don’t think it’s an option to sit back and watch nature and people lose their ability to thrive. The choice is ours but in order to succeed it really will take all of us. We invite you to join us on this now or never journey by subscribing to our YouTube channel. We’re told by scientists we have less than a decade to take action to escape irreversible climate catastrophe. But WHAT action to take is key, which is why we pick up where mainstream news outlets leave off – bringing you the best solutions and savvy solutionaries to help raise your eco-IQ and make a positive difference.

Please subscribe (it’s free) so you’ll stay up to date on our programming, progress, and plans. If you tell everyone you know about we can grow our content, community, and impact! We have an ambitious vision but we can think of no more important and timely mission than this. We hope you agree that now is the moment to act.

Our pledge to you:

1) to tell the truth about the continually unfolding climate and other environmental developments even if the facts can be difficult to absorb, we do our best to simplify.

2) to keep our primary focus on sharing actionable and hopeful solutions both small and large increasingly coming to the fore every day and by so doing...

3) to help awaken and enable the realization that a healthier, wiser, and more just regenerative future is not only vital but is also well within our grasp... and capable IF enough of us participate! The generations to come are counting on all of us.

The time is right and it truly is now or never for taking immediate, prolonged, and planet-wide actions in order to preserve our ecological home that sustains all life.

We invite you to join us in this unfolding real-life drama and big adventure at

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