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New Face of EV Leader

No, it's not Kim Java who did the great video interview. It is Gregory Coles who has set so many world firsts in the world, Gregory has been selected by world experts to build the first and only Bidenmobile ®

Meet Gregory Coles. Like the BidenMobile® the one and only Gregory is creating thousands of new opportunities for young and old alike in the transportation industry. Women (Shecanics and men (mechanics) who will be educated to upgrade your existing dream vehicle to modern, safe and smart!

Gregory and Bill (LED and creative expert) do crazy things like inventing portable solar chargers that can be wheeled or stowed, even deployed in the back of a truck bed!

Stay tuned as Tanya Wendel Breck goes in search of Gregory, Bill and team while providing updates on the all-electric present for Joe Biden, the President of the United States by the humble yet genius Gregory Coles!

Stay tuned!!!

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