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Junk to Funk and Green!

Junk mail becomes Green and educational! Sandhi Schimmel Gold's upcycled junk mail fine art is now collected world-wide by private and corporate collectors. And now junk mail is making history!

Or rather showing it using junk mail as art and, in many forms. Her work is a rare commodity - highly prized due to its eco-friendly nature; meticulously and expertly hand-crafted, totally green - so only a small number of original pieces can be produced in a year.

Shown is the rare, hand-written Auto Archives Chart (which we are asking be reproduced from unwanted mail by Sandhi) that reveals transportation began as clean and Green. Then Greed took over, a few wars and now it seems there is no hope however, hang-in.

People like Sandhi to Betsy Rosenberg are making the call of awareness, creativity and how you yourself can be involved as a consumer.

And instead of a video today, we will present recycled waste to art by Sandhi

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