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Jill Biden Mobile!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Jill Biden is a car girl yet these days, the car has to be special. Discrete, mean and Greened! As a plus, as seen in the video, it's the world's safest car!

And yes, it has several sources of propulsion and energy sources which will be shown in the 2022 USA EV Tour that can apply to most land vehicles, sea craft and yes, even aircraft!

This baby also has one of the coolest fresh air cleansing units whose USA Made Green hemp filters will be featured here along with other companies providing natural alternatives to man-made toxins.

Is the car perfect? No yet think NASA and the Military minds that went into decades of development. Much like the 1967 Corvette Bidenmobile® we are creating as that vehicle will have the latest in clean and Green. Stay tuned!

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