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It's Electrified!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Jeep won the top award for 2021 Green SUV by Green Car Journal and Green Girl Renee Smith had the foresight to grab one of the first 4xe Jeeps produced! Read her experiences and see the video, "Life Electrified"!

And Renee is one of the first Jeep women in the first State to "take a leap of faith" on the offerings by her employer, Millsboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Millsboro, Delaware.

This is also Renee's third Jeep Wrangler and with help from fellow Delaware Jeep expert John Runge, they did the research and were pleased with the findings. Says Renee, "I am all for saving the environment, yet also wanted something different than the rest" and the 4xe fit that bill. And speaking of bills, Renee said that with her driving schedule, she has paid more car payments than full tanks of fuel with the e-hybrid features on her new Jeep.

As well, Renee wanted a Jeep that when going from electric to gas, there would be no signs of the transition and says it is seamless. In addition, the local State and Federal incentives were very helpful in making the choice. And stay tuned as we follow up with Renee Smith, John Runge and the fine folks at Delaware's Millsboro Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep!

And for Green Car Journal's 2021 Jeep 4xe Green SUV of the year story, click here, enjoy the videos and hope to see Renee, John and Delaware team for Drive Electric this coming weekend in Dover, Delaware!

First video: A Jeep converted to electric!

Second video:

Third video with good details:

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