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It's Electric! D.I.Y. Conversion Kit!

It's Electric takes on a new meaning with the recent bolt-on, plug & play conversion kits for classic Porches and it's reversible! Great video reveals it all!

Complete bolt in plug and play Porsche 911 kit - fully reversible! Introducing the brand new Zero EV electric Porsche 911 - 964 kit. This kit is fully reversible and requires no modifications to the original vehicle. Everything is pre-assembled and requires no high voltage or low voltage wiring. All looms are pre-made and terminated. Porsche 964 kit list. The Zero 964 kit is a completely plug and play fully reversible solution that involves no cutting or modification to chassis. Everything has been designed to bolt in and plug into the original wiring of the vehicle. The kit consists of the following from the front to back of the vehicle: Front complete battery box with inbuilt bms, contactor, liquid temp management and HV connector 6.6kw AC charger (32amp 230v single phase) 1.5kw DC/DC converter Type2 charge port (fits into original fuel bowl with no modifications) Electric hydraulic power steering pump with custom hoses to bolt to the original steering rack Vacuum brake assembly prebuilt that connects into original servo vacuum inlet Drive, neutral and reverse gear selector that fits in the place of the original gear stick, this retains the original boot so you have a physical gear selector feel Custom five gauge cluster set up with interactive center gauge giving you feedback for miles of range, gear position, mod, odometer, trip and Kwh per mile used. All gauges are black face with white text Duel hall throttle assembly retains the original pedal and bolt in Complete Hvac solution in conjunction with classic retro fit giving a rebuilt heater box with new fans, ptc heaters, servos and air conditioning. Along with a new controller panel and ecu Tesla large drive unit tuned to 450hp with two modes, fully refurbished with atb diff and custom output joints that bolt directly to the original Porsche manual drive shafts Rear battery box complete battery box with inbuilt bms, contactor, liquid temp management and hv connector Header tank with all premade piping Temperature control unit consisting of dual fans, radiators and water pumps prebuilt to bolt to the bottom of the battery box Ccs2 fast charging set up is accessible by simply popping the boot and plugging in giving 70kw fast charging capability All wiring looms pre-made ready to plug in along with fittings and sound proofing where needed.

And happy Birthday Jim Malatesta, a friend who won't let a good friend down or give up!

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