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It's Electric! Presidential EV Vehicles

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The President of the United States shared a dream in 2009 when our team filmed he and top leaders advocating EV's. And now, with the help of team Legacy EV, EV Builders Guide and TV host Betsy Rosenberg, the USA will get the jobs and industry promised!

Most everyone is aware that Joe Biden is a muscle car kind of guy yet most have

no idea where he got the Electric Vehicle bug yet the image below may provide a clue.

The image is the original BidenMobile produced in Greenville, Delaware many decades ago. Wheelie bars had to be installed due to the sheer, instant torque. I designed it, my brother Edmund Lake and our late Mom and Dad helped build it.

The EV industry Joe saw years ago has come to fruition and the other BIG dream is now forming now in converting the existing millions of ICE to EV in Biden's vacation home town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with the Delaware Divas on tour with the converted vehicles produced here.

Based on 90+ years in the automotive industry, economic empowerment for current and future automotive mechanics, techs, do-it-yourselfers and car girls/guys is coming in the form of a new EV conversion magazine, educational courses for Certified electrical conversion and videos will usher in the transition to cleaner, Greener machines.

And we will bring it all here, every day with exciting updates, cool conversion projects and the new magazine that is now available on bookshelves or 0n-line here.

For the education side, EV conversion components and projects, check out Legacy EV!

Stay tuned and remember, only you can help clean up transportation by the choices you make.

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