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It's Electric! Jimmy Buffett Mobile

Here at the beach, there is always a lake and a new land, water or air EV to test, review and report on. It's a tough job at times yet rarely wet and always exciting with Jimmy Buffett and WaterCar!

When EV expert Gregory Coles and I talked about electrifying watercraft, the last project was a 40-foot Holiday Mansion Houseboat and the EV Hummer which was not so great of an idea.

After retrieving the EV Hummer, the decision to go lighter and better was already being worked on by the team at WaterCar and seen below. Jimmy Buffet loved the water and our adventures!

Although not fully electric for highway and marine use, it is a LOT of fun and practical for those who love the water. We hope you like the video and leave a comment below if you like it!

Rest in peace Jimmy Buffett and thanks for the great words of inspiration for me and the world. You really cared about Momma Nature...

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