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It's Electric! GE EV!

"GE Appliances surely generates a lot of transportation emissions. It is now looking to cut those by using electric trucks for some of its transportation needs".

According to Cleantechnica, GE Appliances “is deploying a fleet of electric freight vehicles on routes between the company’s inbound warehouses and its manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee.” The electric freight vehicles come from the company Einride. Aside from the clear climate and air quality benefits, GE Appliances notes that these EVs will help it to lower costs and improve reliability.

Enter Enride. The Einride electric trucks have a range of 200 miles, the same as my three-year-old Tesla Model 3 Standard Range. That’s not a lot by today’s standards for electric cars, but if it’s all that’s needed for one’s driving patterns, that’s great. GE Appliances indicates that it will be enough for an enormous amount of driving, as the company noted that these electric freight trucks would drive approximately 125,000 miles a year. It takes many drivers 10 years to log 125,000 miles! It would take me more than 10 years. GE Appliances estimates that 210 tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided in the first year of operation.

The electric trucks will be driving between the Port of Savannah and various logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, and finished-goods warehouses for GE Appliances. Aside from Georgia, the trucks will also be operational in Kentucky and Tennessee. GE Appliances writes:

  • Georgia: Trucks are routed between the Georgia Port Authority’s Appalachian Regional Port, GEA’s nearby Southern Logistics Center in Crandall, and Roper Corporation, GEA’s cooking products manufacturing subsidiary in LaFayette.

  • Kentucky: Trucks travel from the company’s Kentucky Logistics Center to GEA’s massive Appliance Park campus, carrying parts that make GE, GE Profile, and Café refrigerators.

  • Tennessee: Starting next month, the focus will be moving finished Monogram refrigerators from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse to await shipping to customers.

And thanks for supporting our work towards clean, Greened transportation!

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