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It's Electric! Firebird Conversion Project

A close friend recently passed and who was a fan of The Bandit. He also wanted his Bandit to be converted to electric. "JackPot" McDowell invented the prostate Cancer patent, taught the formula and helped many with high PSA. R.I.P. Jack. Enjoy the videos!

This is about as far as we got in the design of the e-Bandit yet the video below shows a Firebird conversion from gas to electric.

The following video is a rather wild conversion of a 1969 Firebird using many of the old ICE components. And don't let the title throw you off.

Ah, the memories!

And remember, every moment is special and while John JackPot McDowell was alive, he taught many how to grow and extract the finest cannabis extract used in his prostate Cancer patent. The formula was taught to me and I will continue to follow JackPot's path of natural healing.

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