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It's Electric! EV Equity Conference

Join EV Travis and EV Noire this Wednesday and Thursday. More information, links and details and in the story!

The 2022 National E-Mobility Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference is a hybrid event presented by EVNoire, national thought leader in E-Mobility, best practices, and E-Mobility diversity, equity, and inclusion. This conference facilitates conversation about strategies and best practices for communities hit worst and first by air pollution. To provide greater access to community members and community-based organizations, our conference will be a hybrid event this year.

  • Oct 19th – Day 1 held online to provide community access nationwide

  • Oct 20th – Day 2 held at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Transportation inequities impact the most vulnerable populations, including frontline communities and communities of color. With over 1100+ attendees worldwide last year, this year’s E-Mobility Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference introduces new topics to a broader and more diverse audience.

On October 19th, will focus on people and community. It will highlight the solutions necessary to advance electric transportation across the country. Panels will focus on highlighting successful programs, pilots, and best practices that center diversity, equity and inclusion in practices and approaches. This event will run from 11:30am EST – 5:00pm EST on Oct 19th. You need to purchase a “virtual” event ticket to attend this event online. October 20th IN-PERSON: The Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C. Event Collaboration Partner: Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition The in-person convening in Washington D.C., held on October 20th, will focus on policy and industry. This convening will bring together stakeholders from the local, state, and federal level and industry professionals to discuss how equity can be operationalized in policy actions and industry leadership. The conference programming will run from 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST. You need to purchase the “In-Person” ticket at checkout to be able to attend so click here to check in!

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