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It's Electric! E - F 75

While on the way to film the new USA EV plant, we were sent owners Andre Pessoa Barbosa's e-Vehicle built in a tiny flat. Unlike mass-production, this is a 1972 Ford F-75 Willy's pick up, a unique one-off!

These are the specs and words directly from his site. We apologize for typo's or spelling not picked up in the translation;

Motor: ME1616 PMAC Water-cooled 96V, 250 AMP Continuous M Brushless DC

Motenergy motor, 30hp, 77hp peak Drivetrain Manual 4 speed Clarck with clutch controller. Kelly KLS96601-8080IPS AC Motor Controller.

Used on 96v system Batteries8, 24.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion

Factory modified for this purpose. System Voltage96 Volts Charger is a Charge-o-matic.

Heater Northeast Brazilian heat is enough...DC/DC Converter is Bosh

Probably, an alternator, with vacuum pump attached, those from diesel engines. Killing two

rabbits with one stone...Instrumentation Recommendations Accepted Top Speed 70 MPH (112 KPH) 70 is ideal, if doesn't get there, will reduce weight somehow Acceleration Whatever I get, will update :(Range250 Miles (402 Kilometers)

Estimated range based on system max consumption and total batteries capacity would be around 150 miles.

Watt Hours/Mile- Yet to measure. Seating Capacity 3 adults.

Curb Weight3,000 Pounds (1,363 Kilograms) yet to weigh.

Tires 265/75/r15, different from picture.

Conversion Time Forever Conversion Cost Whatever it costs, will get done! and will never add up... But truck was a gift!

Forget you Rockfeller! Additional Features: Got an axe! just in case... (original from army


Some solar panels will be added...

Especial thanks to my uncle Armando for giving me this

awesome vehicle.

Thanks Andre and all for supporting our work with our all natural products!

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