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It's Electric! Delaware's JillMobile®

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Delaware's Lieutenant Governor Dr. Bethany A. Hall-Long and Dr. Jill Biden have a lot in common besides cool cars. As a tribute to the First Lady and second ranking Lady in Delaware, a limited series of the JillMobile® Jeeps Greened in Delaware will roll out in a few weeks (see pinking Jeep video)!

And don't mistake theJillMobile® for the high-dollar Pink Jeep that auctioned off for a small fortune at Barrett-Jackson recently. The JillMobile® are actually pre-owned, low-carbon footprint, recycled and renewed vehicles that are affordable. And it has the rare Delaware license plate "Biden1" and Biden did win!

Looking and running like new with bumper to bumper warranty, the limited series JillMobile® Jeeps will cost a few hundred a month to own and well under $50,000 US currency for the hybrid and electric models. And each will be highly unique, one-off collector vehicles that are also practical and lots of fun. More details to emerge yet here is a take from Lieutenant Governor Bethany A. Hall-Long on electric vehicles here in the State of Delaware! Bethany Hall-Long, Special to USA Today "Electric Vehicles Will Improve Public Health and Spur the Economy"

"To have a healthy economy, you must have a healthy community, and for as long as I have been in public service, my focus has been on the clear connection between our state’s economy and health. There are common-sense solutions to address climate change, to provide economic opportunity for Delaware residents, to protect the health of our residents and to fight for environmental justice. It’s time to come to a consensus on these critical issues in Delaware and in our nation.

One such policy is supporting the transition to electric vehicles. The transportation sector is our nation’s largest source of carbon pollution, dirtying the air we breathe and accelerating the climate crisis. Transitioning to zero-pollution vehicles will fight this pollution, but we have a long way to go. Right now, there are 250 million cars and trucks on our nation’s roads — fewer than 1% are electric.

President Joe Biden originally proposed a bold plan to invest in clean transportation, including expanding the electric vehicle market through tax credits and building much-needed EV infrastructure. His plan as initially outlined would spark an EV revolution by building a network of 500,000 EV chargers, replacing 50,000 diesel transit vehicles with cleaner vehicles, electrifying at least 20% of our school buses, and helping consumers purchase the vehicles of tomorrow. The plan also includes a groundbreaking proposal for at least 40% of the benefits of the proposed investments to be directed towards those communities which have borne the brunt of pollution. In Delaware and in our nation, we must fight for environmental justice to ensure the protection and wellbeing of communities that have been unjustly impacted by development and environmental policies.

Investing in EVs will create new manufacturing and engineering jobs across the country. Manufacturers employ 28,000 workers in our state, and the president’s full plan would invest billions in clean energy infrastructure and transportation, calling for $174 billion to expand our clean vehicle economy. As part of Delaware’s bold economic plan is a dire need to grow well-paying manufacturing jobs and a trained workforce.

These kinds of investments will address air pollution and fight climate change while also spurring our economy. Air pollution from cars and trucks contributes to respiratory disease and cancer. In Delaware, almost 15,000 children and just under 76,000 adults suffer from asthma. Electric vehicles offer the opportunity to make an impact in so many areas while improving health outcomes.

Along the mid-Atlantic coast, climate change is having devastating consequences for our state. From 2010 to 2020, Delaware experienced 10 extreme weather events, costing our state up to $2 billion in damages. We see this every day too — there is evidence of higher temperatures, bigger floods, and sea levels rising at about twice the global rate along our coast. Aside from the monetary impact is the tragic loss of lives, property and livelihood because of the devastation of extreme weather events.

Congress must seize this moment to make meaningful investments to tackle the climate crisis and support our growing clean transportation sector. I remain encouraged that our Congressional delegation, including Sen.Tom Carper and Sen. Chris Coons, and Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester, has led for our state on these vital issues, but the moment demands more. We need significant investments in EVs to create economic opportunity, address environmental justice and improve public health for all Delaware residents. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and Delaware’s leaders need to fight for our state.

Bethany Hall-Long is the 26th Lieutenant Governor of Delaware. She has previously served in the Delaware House of Representatives and Senate.

And now a peak into a part of the process in creating these unique vehicles!

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