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It's Electric! Climate Vehicles®

The First Lady of the first State of Delaware will get her first Climate Vehicle® on her June 3rd birthday. Lady Biden will also get a card signed by every participant creating her dream Green machine!

Folks, imagine vehicles built to adapt to climate change conditions, able to power a home, help with the grid and even provide a quick charge to a fellow motorist in need. Indeed! And, they are being created here in Delaware, USA with the help of the most accomplished Green-thinking individuals and companies on the planet.

Now imagine your climate vehicle is actually a repurposed vehicle using recycled and natural materials along with hemp-based 3D components. And no, it is not 100% Green yet it is a lot further than most have taken earth-friendly vehicles by being friendly to the earth.

In addition, these Greened machines are also affordable for nearly everyone who now has an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle. Given there are literally millions of perfectly reusable vehicles whose largest footprint was left at the factory along with the embodied energy it took to create, the possibilities are endless and the outcome clean.

And we will be filming the progress with the likes of Delaware Senator Thomas Carper to the day the first Lady of the first State receives the example of the type of transportation needed both now and for eternity.

The JillMobile® will be wrapped in bright Pink and adorned with Cancer awareness ribbons and the famous Jeep Duck authorized by Jeep® themselves. With 60% of the funding being applied from an application to the Volkswagen escrow fund here in Delaware, the finish line looks close!

Would you like to sign Jill Biden's birthday card and help see this project to completion by 6.3.22? Just reach out here and we will reply ASAP.

And yes, the First Lady's climate vehicle will also be wearing the first State of Delaware's Biden 1 (Biden won) legally registered license plate!

Enjoy the clip from EV expert Gregory Coles on recycling existing vehicles and stay tuned!

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